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Bohemia Amsterdam was asked way back to communicate new landscape art in Houten Vinex. (2006)

Transcript of B2C Campaign Saudade

  • 1. B2C Campaign CaseSaudadethe birth of a VinexClient Personnel: Sjaak LangenbergBohemia Personnel: Marco de Boer Henry Tyminski Melissa Agostino
  • 2. SituationBack in 2004 four Dutch artists developed imposing landscapeart for a freshly developed suburb, Houten Vinex. Needless tosay that the art is a bit revolutionary. They created dunes, mini-forests, useless roads and solitary streetlights and a major signannouncing the opening of a hamam.How can we get the newcomers of Houten Vinex enthusiasticabout this art in their backyard?
  • 3. Target Explain the art to the newcomers of Houten Vinex. Engage with the target group and let them use the art as meant. Create a community.Target group Inhabitants of Houten Vinex SME of Houten & Houten Vinex
  • 4. StrategyWith some art you dont realize it until someone points it out.The landscape art by these young artists is just like that. Theiridea of Modern Archeology is to admit and freeze a certainmoment in the development of settlements like a Vinex.Theyve created a freeze frame of the construction of a lanewith solitary street lights and build a dunes out of a leftoverheap of sand. Why? To give the new inhabitants the dream ofhow it started.
  • 5. ConceptTo engage the newcomers of Houten Vinex we asked them tosend in their pictures of how it was before the streets werethere. With the contest we wanted to receive the pictures ofpeople measuring their non-existing kitchen, carport and frontdoor, the unnished road to no-where and the piles of sand. Weblended these homemade pictures of an unborn suburb with theart work of the artists. They match seamless.Through presenting these pictures in the birth book Saudade,we introduced the art to the inhabitants of Houten Vinex backin 2006.
  • 6. VisualsAnd we call her... SaudadeMediaCampaign identityPosterLeaetsRadio commercialsWebsiteBook
  • 7. Campaign identityand pay-off
  • 8. Posterdistributed in local shops
  • 9. Door-to-door leaetfor people living in Houten
  • 10. Radio commercialI saw a street sign...
  • 11. Websitefor getting entries and voting
  • 12. Websitefor getting entries and voting
  • 13. Websitefor getting entries and voting
  • 14. Websitefor getting entries and voting
  • 15. Birth bookAnd we call her... Saudade
  • 16. ResultsThe campaign was a huge success. Many newcomers of HoutenVinex send in their pictures. The project ended in 2006 yet tilltoday people still call the agency to order books.Sorry folks, the 1,000 copies are sold out.
  • 17. We create believers.For more information:Hugo Kalf hugo@bohemiaamsterdam.comKyra Roest kyra@bohemiaamsterdam.comBohemia AmsterdamSint Pieterspoortsteeg 23a1012HM Amsterdam, Netherlands+31 [0]20 42 33 555bohemiaamsterdam.com